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3 Percenter Patches

We have these patches because we've gotten an overwhelming amount of requests for them. People ask what it means, here is the definition straight out of Wikipedia. It has absolutely nothing to do with 1%er patches worn by some Biker Clubs.

The Three Percenters (also styled "3%ers", "III%ers"; also "3 Percenters Club", "3 Percenters Movement") is a self-described patriot movement which pledges resistance against the United States government regarding any restriction of the United States Constitution. They have described themselves as a group whose primary purpose is to protect constitutional rights. They have been characterized as being ideologically similar to the Oath Keepers.

The group's name is based on the claim that the historical American Revolution military's armed resistance against the British, in the American Revolution, constituted three percent of the population. This number has never been accurately calculated, and estimates vary depending on whether or not slaves are included in the colonial population numbers and women are counted as potential combatants. The participation rate of the eligible population is estimated to have been higher than in most other American military conflicts.

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