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Shop our pro-guns selection of embroidered patches. Support the 2nd Amendment, Support The Constitution. Embroidered 2nd Amendment patches for patriotic American's fighting to defend our constitutionally given right to bear arms. Our collection of pro gun embroidered patches can be sewn or ironed on to your clothing. We have small and large 2nd amendment patches for you to purchase.

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I Plead The 2nd Patch
357 Beats 911 Patch | Embroidered Patches
Freedom Isn't Free Patch | US Military Veteran Patches
2nd Amendment Skull 1789 Large Patch | US Military Veteran Patches
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Embroidered 2nd amendment & Gun Rights Patches - Iron On & Sew On

If the president won't protect the constitution he is sworn to do, we will do it for him. Over centuries governments have tried all the tricks in the hat to disarm its citizens. Knowing this our founding fathers have clearly stated that the People's right to bear arms shall not be infringed. 2nd Amendment is not in the constitution so you could go duck hunting. But Joe Biden would have you believe that is the reason for the 2nd amendment. No sir, don't let anyone fool you into thinking that we should not have the right to bear assault rifles because there is no use for it except to cause mass murders. I've wept for what has happened in Aurora, Colorado, or Newtown Connecticut. But I'm no fool to blame the guns for the tragic events that took place. We want to blame something or someone anytime there is a tragedy. But what about all the lives guns have saved? Who talks about them? Would you be free today had we not revolted to the demands of the British Empire to rid our weapons so they can just tax us as they pleased?


Why blame something you owe your freedom to? We would like to offer our support for the 2nd amendment and our right to bear arms with our gun right patches. Buy your second amendment patches, wear them proudly. Don't let the government disarm you. Remember the last time they tried, we had a revolution. Before you have this government make you believe guns are evil, think of the most peaceful place on earth. It's called Switzerland, where the law states, every Men over the age of 18 is required by law to have a firearm in his household. Yes sir you did not read it wrong. It is the law. If guns are guilty for the tragedies so are the video games and Hollywood for throwing violence in our faces. Perhaps we should blame forks for obesity as well. Enough said, you can take my gun from my cold dead fingers. Want a revolution? Try to take away my 2nd amendment rights.

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