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Shop Sayings Patches and Funny Biker Patches 

Saying Patches and funny phrase patches show character, personality, attitude, intelligence, mood with our iron on saying patches. We have them categorized into different groups. Inspiring patches, Naughty patches, reflective quote and sayings patches. You are probably going to spend some time looking through them all. All these saying patches are also available for wholesale if you want to resell them at your store. We even have displays for them.

Embroidered Saying Patches

Saying Patches are also known as text patches. Most of ours are 4 inch wide patches with short sentences, phrases, quotes, and sayings. We scavenge the internet to see what is popular and turn them into small saying patches. Most of our designs appeal towards bikers, military and veterans. See our Biker Patches category.

We welcome all ideas, contact us, send us an idea, we'll turn them into patches and make them available here. All our saying patches can be sewn or ironed on. You just have to be careful what you are ironing the patch on to. If it is leather or nylon material I highly recommend you DO NOT iron on the patches. It's not that the patch won't stick, but the heat will actually scorch your leather or nylon material. When ironing on a patch with a household iron, we know for a fact that it will not stick for long. You may ask why you call them iron on patches. To be honest they should be called heat press patches. If you use a heat press to iron on the patch they will adhere permanently to the fabric you are ironing it on. Both heat and pressure are extremely important when ironing on a patch. We do have instructions for applying patches to clothing.