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Shop all our funny, quote, and phrase iron on patches. Our embroidered patches, all have die cut borders so you can sew them on or iron them on. Show off your personality, spread the laughter with our funny phrase patches. Bikers have these patches sew on their leather vests. You can use them in many places including the back of your jeans, shirt, backpack. The funny patches can be ironed on to any fabric except for leather or nylon. Look at our sub categories of funny patches for a more refined assortment such as funny military patches, ladies, Wise Sayings, Sarcastic ones

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Funny Quote, Phrase, Humor Biker Embroidered Patches - Iron on & Sew on

Our selection is unmatched and consistently changing and updating to stay current.  We love the personality and humor that these funny patches bring out.  These funny quote and phrase patches are perfect for clothes motorcycle vests, jackets and backpacks.Show your personality with some humor, phrase, quotes and funny patches.  You can order these funny quote patches wholesale also. 

Have you ever read the patches on someone's jacket and burst out laughing because they were so funny?  There are a lot of different funny patches out there that you could add to your jacket to amuse and entertain your fellow bikers.  Some of these patches feature hilarious images, while others contain some funny sayings or messages.  The ones you use will depend on your sense of humor and what fits with the other patches on your jacket, of course, but there are so many different ones out there that you're sure to find a few that fit.

Some of these embroidered patches are not for everyone, of course.  There are a number of funny patches that are fairly offensive and some that are even downright vulgar.  If you decide to go with some of these, remember that while they may make you laugh, they might offend some of your friends and strangers.  You might hear people make remarks about how you're being inappropriate, and it's possible someone might even tell you that you shouldn't be wearing those patches in public.  If you don't mind hearing this every now and then, definitely add some of these motorcycle patches to your jacket.  If nothing else, you'll learn who has a similar sense of humor.

How many of these funny patches should you put on your jacket?  That all depends on you.  Some people do cover their entire jacket in sayings patches, but that can be a little overwhelming, especially if someone wants to read all of them.  On the other hand, it does give you a chance to include all of your favorite jokes and phrases.  These patches are a good way of getting your personality out there.

Some people love being the joker of the group.  If you like making them laugh, you should add some funny patches to your motorcycle jacket or vest.  These patches contain all sorts of jokes and funny sayings.  Some of them may be a little on the offensive side, true, but that's what some people find hilarious.  Others are more family-friendly jokes, but they're still pretty funny.  You're sure to get attention with this type of embroidered patches on your jacket, especially the ones that have brightly colored funny images on them.

Many funny patches feature embroidered words and phrases on them.  While they're not the most eye-catching patches around, if people take the time to read them, they will be very amused.  Covering your entire jacket or vest in biker patches that feature only white embroidered words on black backgrounds will certainly create an interesting look.  In fact, it's almost as interesting as using brightly colored patches.

There are biker patches that span the spectrum of 'funny'.  If you love puns, you'll find a few patches that make little plays on words.  Then there are some that make ironic statements that are funny once you think about them for a minute.  There are others that are flat out jokes and a few that make fun of situations or people.  They're all funny in some ways, but obviously some will appeal to you more than others.

Funny image patches also exist.  Like the sayings patches, some of them are fairly G-rated and some are definitely adult-themed.  It all depends on what kind of image you want to project and if you don't mind making some people angry.